About Us​

El-Doray Children's House is on a mission to provide child care, education and learning support services to children and families through provision of quality learning experiences, resources and domestic support program.

Founders Welcome!

Thank you for visiting El Doray Children's House. I am delighted you have considered and chosen to partner with us at El Doray to give your child an amazing learning experience. At El Doray we are committed to giving you, your child and family a learning experience that equips them with life skills, inspires learning, provides age appropriate and fit for purpose developmental support.

Our Individualised learning plan for your child ensures need specific learning; suitable to the skills, gifts, challenges and unique human tendencies of your child. At the same time, it also provides the necessary and relevant structure, discipline and character development essential for life and learning success.

Our carefully and beautifully created children's house is equipped with resources to nurture independence, learning, creativity, outdoor explorations and many more. Located in a safe housing community, we offer a nurturing and educational environment for children ages 3 months to 6 years.

Be assured your child will be surrounded by a community of dedicated, caring and excellent staff throughout each moment here. We also prioritise the diverse needs of families, so we provide enhanced programs such as you may find needed:
1. After School Care
2. Saturday drop-offs
3. Parenting support programs and training
4. Nanny Training

At El Doray Children's House, admissions are open all year round. We are also ready to open our doors to you for a facility tour. Please call or email us for more information and bookings. Let us do extraordinary together.

A.Y. Theodora
Founder, El Doray Children's House.

Our mission is to provide child care, education and learning support services to children and families through provision of quality learning experiences, resources and domestic support program. Our vision is to have a child care center across different neighborhoods to provide quality and accessible child care needs and family support programs.

Our Team

Board of Directors

All members of the board of directors are stakeholders and passionate about the progress of the children and our programs. Each member is actively part of the management of the school to ensure excellent and quality experiences for you and your child.


At El Doray we have a professional team of child minders, tutors, janitors, support staff, admin experts, medical staff, security personnel and chef. We take pride in the competence and global outreach of our staff team. We continue to provide relevant mandatory professional development trainings for the team.

Our Founder

Born in Kaduna Nigeria, our Founder Theodora Ayeni fondly called Teacher Dora studied social studies education (double major) at the Federal College of Education Zaria. During her time of study at Zaria she found early years education particularly interesting because of its role in the formation of the individual, hence she proceeded to special in early childhood education after her NCE.

She has since then gone on to specialize in early childhood education and taken on several trainings and courses in line with child care for early years; notable is her stage 2 certification from the Montessori Center International London. Her career has spanned over 16 years, in several cities both within and outside Nigeria.

She has enjoyed the exciting journey of growing through the Educational tanks from subject tutor, class tutor, team lead, school supervisor, school consultant, trainer and now founder El Doray Children’s House. Teacher Dora is an enthusiastic, committed and empowering educator. She continues to raise and support children and families through her numerous projects and programs, visit her website: www.teacherdorahub.com for more details.